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How Linktree Got Started

Hello! You might already know what we are, but you probably don’t know who we are.

With the launch of this blog we’re going to be sharing more about what our team is up to, as well as profiling our hugely inspiring audience. (That’s you.)

But let’s wind it all back. Back to the start of Linktree. That was in February 2016 when Linktree was just a glint in our co-founder Alex’s eye.

Alex, his brother Anthony and their good friend Nick, run Bolster, a digital agency that specialises in the music and entertainment industries. Like that doesn’t keep them busy enough, they also do things like manage bands, and run events.

This meant that the guys were using Instagram a lot. Like all of us here, Alex got frustrated about the limitations of the single bio link when you’re trying to draw audiences to multiple pieces of content – whether that’s your band’s latest single, show tickets or merch.

So he did something about it. One night – when he probably should have been sleeping – he mapped out Linktree, thinking it’d be useful for his bands and clients and maybe a few of their pals.

It was the first time someone had built a thing which turns that singular bio link into a branch of links.

The next day he roped his technical team in. Within a few hours they’d built the first iteration of Linktree. With their new useful link in place, they went back to business as usual. Never for a minute expecting Linktree to blow up.

Then Alicia Keys signed up.

Until that day Alex didn’t realise he was capable of a high pitched squeal.

Today the Linktree team, based in Melbourne, Australia, has grown to include a full staff of developers, multi-discipline designers, content specialists and community support team.

Now, 1.5 million users later, it’s clear that they made a thing that people need. What we hadn’t anticipated was just how inspiring our users would be. We’ve got an incredible community of people using social media to run businesses, to share their art and to form communities. We’re going to keep growing to help them do more.

And right here we’ll be sharing their stories. Welcome!

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