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Embrace the holiday spirit with The Giving Tree

After a big year of activism, Linktree has teamed up with GoFundMe to bring you causes centered around giving back this holiday season.  Making it easier than ever to connect your audience with those who really need it.

Linktree & GoFundMe presents The Giving Tree

What a year! We’ve seen huge growth in our activist community in 2020. It started with the Australian Bushfires in January, the Black Lives Matter movement in June, Voter registration in the lead up to the US election and now with holiday season approaching it’s all about giving to those less fortunate.

What happens when you bring together Linktree and GoFundMe? You get The Giving Tree.

By enabling The Giving Tree on your Linktree, you’ll be helping to connect millions of users with important GoFundMe causes that will help those in need over the holidays. You can do this in settings when logged into your admin page.

What happens to the anti-racism banner? We’re glad you asked. It’s still there and you’ll be able to choose which banner you want to activate. The Giving Tree will be up for a limited time over the holiday season so you can always swap the anti-racism banner back in once the festive decorations come down.

The Giving Tree banner in settings

Want to take things a step further? Tell your audience about the causes you’re supporting on your social channels. The more you can share the causes you’re passionate about, the more chance that donations will roll in. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the human race can be pretty generous when they see a cause or issue that resonates with them. 

In addition to raising awareness for causes The Giving Tree also highlights the different ways people around the world celebrate the holiday season. Ever wanted to know the reason behind Boxing Day? Or why Chinese New Year takes place in February? Check out the links to all the different holiday celebrations under ‘learn’.

Since the Black Lives Matter movement started in June over US$200k was raised on the GoFundMe platform from Linktree users sharing their causes.

The future impact of activism on the internet is limitless. By teaming up with GoFundMe we’re helping 9.5M Linktree users play their part in bringing awareness to important issues and driving social change.


Are you ready to help drive change? Activate The Giving Tree banner