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The Australian Bushfire Crisis: How to Help

Linktree is proudly Australian, and our country is burning. To provide aid, we’ve come up with a couple of ways you can help the Australian Bushfire Crisis.

australian bushfires

Image courtesy of Peter Parks/AFP

The situation

In Australia, months of severe drought mean that bushfires have been ravaging the country since September. To date, 6.3 million hectares of bush, forest and parkland have burned, half a billion animals are dead, and 24 people have lost their lives, including 3 volunteer firefighters. Thousands are currently seeking shelter, forced out of their homes with little time to prep. Air quality has been impacted as far as New Zealand (a 3 hour flight from Sydney).

New South Wales has been the worst affected state, with 5 million hectares burned – that’s an area larger than Denmark. Victoria, Queensland and South Australia all have fires burning. The fires are now creating their own weather systems, with thunderstorms and lightening, creating new fires.

Temperatures are set to rise through this week, further fuelling the catastrophic situation. Aid is desperately needed.

Australian fires

A 3D visualization of the Australian fires by Anthony Hearsey.

We’re headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, and have staff s in Sydney, NSW and Brisbane, Queensland. We have friends and family directly impacted by the evacuations. If there is one thing we Australians know how to do, it’s muck in. Here’s our plan.

What can you do

We’ve launching a campaign to raise $200,000 AUD. Our developers have created a donation-prompt overlay which is now available to all of our global users. Linktree users can choose to add the donation prompt to their Linktree, which means all visitors will see the prompt and can easily donate on-page.

linktree bushfire

To kickstart the campaign, we’ve donated $5,000 AUD. Anyone who donates $100 AUD, or more, will receive a free three-month PRO subscription (worth $26 AUD), if they’re not already subscribed.

100% of the funds received will be donated. The funds will be evenly split between the following:

Please consider adding the prompt to your Linktree – it will really help raise awareness for the cause, with donations going to the worst-hit areas and those who’ve been most affected.

The Bushfire Crisis Linktree

We’ve also created a dedicated Linktree full of Bushfire Crisis links, if you want to choose exactly where to donate, or want to use the Linktree link in your articles, reports, social media to help spread the message. Because each Australian state has its own funding for fire services, it can be complicated working out where to place your donation. And of course, Linktree exists to fix these kinds of things!


Bushfire Linktree

You can use this Linktree:

  • As a link on your own Linktree.
  • In online conversations about the bushfires.
  • In your bio link.
  • In email footers, linked in articles or reports.

The link is: linktr.ee/australianbushfirecrisis

We’ll keep you updated on the progress. Big thanks to our community for already getting stuck in with the donation prompt – the only way we’re going to make a difference is together.

Everyone stay safe.