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Support Black Lives Matter Through Your Linktree

We have just enabled a feature to help you and your community support Black lives, available to all Linktree subscribers, Free and PRO.

Please consider using it to drive donations, share information and encourage anti-racism education.

Linktree Black Lives Matter

Over the last week, following the tragic death of George Floyd, we have seen incredibly powerful action rolling out globally. At all too great a price, the movement feels like a tipping point to force change in the international crisis that is racism.

Doing what we do, we have seen first hand the amazing education and fund-raising efforts of our community. We also know we can reach a lot more people and want to help amplify the voices, causes and actions of those seeking justice and equality.

To do that, we have enabled an Action feature which any Linktree subscriber can turn on. Doing so will add a banner to your Linktree so all your visitors can discover ways to donate, educate and attend events in the fight to end racism.

When a visitor hits on the ‘ACT NOW’ call to action, they will be taken to a simple Linktree where they can choose to Donate, Educate or Show Up. Each will open out further lists of resources.


We have selected the major charities in the US, UK, Australia and Europe helping fight racism. They are just the tip of the iceberg of the incredible charity work that is being done globally, but to limit decision fatigue we wanted to streamline the interaction driving towards donations that can get to the heart of the cause swiftly. We would encourage you to add the localised causes you are most passionate about as links on your Linktree too.

We have included a YouTube video from vlogger Zoe Amira, who is donating ad revenue from the hour long video to Black Lives Matter. This way anyone can be involved in raising funds for the cause, regardless of ability to contribute financially.


This list of resources comes from the work our community is sharing. Podcasts, reading lists, insightful articles, Google drives, histories. We have by no means covered all bases and have included a form on the Linktree so that anyone can submit a stand-out resource that we should share.


Here your visitors will find out information about protests happening in the US, UK andAustralia as well as sign petitions and register to vote. There is also useful information on what to bring to a protest.

These links will evolve with your guidance, and as new resources and events come through. We’re hopeful that now really is the time for change. Speak up, be thoughtful and stay safe.