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Best Practices

Tips for Growing Your Movement Online

For communities around the globe, it’s been a big few weeks of pain, protests and (hopefully) progress. While the fight is certainly not over, anti-racism voices are being heard across the world.

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Image courtesy of Vlad Tchompalov.

There has been incredible action in our community – we’ve seen Linktrees for bail funds, charities, GoFundMes, protests, educational resources, support resources and much more shared by thousands of people over the past few weeks. We’re committed to helping you spark societal change and there are few things about our free platform that are important for activists to know.

We’re free and it’ll stay that way

We have a free platform because everyone should have access to a resource that makes sharing ideas easier. The free service has unlimited links. When a movement is big, there’s so many places to read, visit, and donate. It’s crucial that you can access them all from one centralized location. We’re committed to keeping Linktree free so that any movement can be shareable, no matter how complex.

We’re also committed to giving charities the very best chance of being seen and listened to. We’re inviting all representatives of charitable organizations to let us know here. You’ll get upgraded to Linktree PRO for free, giving you access to all our PRO features.

Every Linktree can now be a donation driver

You might have seen that we introduced a new feature last week for anyone to opt into. By switching on our anti-racism prompt, all visitors to your Linktree will be given the option to ‘act now’ and be directed to take action. This gives everyone the option to encourage their own audiences to donate, educate themselves or engage with protests in a real and meaningful way.

It might be a small change, but considering the traffic that Linktrees receive globally every day, the impact it can have for raising awareness is staggering.

Put your Linktree everywhere your audience is

The more places you use your Linktree URL, the more eyeballs you’ll have on your content. We have seen activists sharing Linktree across YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook, as well as linking in articles and on email signatures. It’s a versatile tool to use wherever your own audience is, linking to whichever content is important to you.

Couple of tricks: post your Linktree as a pinned tweet so that it’s easily found whenever a new potential follower ends up on your profile. You can also pin a post in your Facebook Groups. Attach an image (whether it’s your logo or event details) to the post you share and it will get more attention.

Tips for creating a social action Linktree

  1. When you’re writing your link titles, be super clear about the action you want to drive and the destination your visitor is heading to. Rather than “BLM Fund” as button copy, try something along the lines of “Donate to #BLM via our website.”
  2.  Use one of the preset themes that all Free subscribers get to quickly makeover your Linktree. Update your avatar pic so visitors are reminded who runs this page – maybe it’s your social profile pic, or maybe it’s something related to your cause.
  3. We’ve found that fewer links and more focused Linktrees convert better. A Linktree with 50 links tends to get worse click through rates than five Linktrees with 10 links each. Split them up by cause, geography and action.
  4. Make sure your Linktree username gives a clear indication of what the Linktrees purpose is. A clear, focused URL will do wonders both for SEO and reach amongst your followers on social media.
  5. Refresh your links frequently to ensure they have the most recent information about protests, events and demonstrations, as well as the latest news from the cause.
  6. Drag and drop links to reorder links that might be more important on a given day. If it’s a protest day, you might want event details right up top, or guidelines for safe protesting.

We’re constantly trying to improve the way we react when major events happen, in line with our incredible community. If you have ideas on how we can do better, we’d love to hear about it.

You can find all of our social links here, and please join the Linktree User Club on Facebook for real-time discussions and feedback with our experts and power users.

Here are some of the amazing Linktrees sparking social change from the community. Got space on your Linktree? Add them!