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Our New Year’s themes and the artists who made them

Remember when we said you’d be getting four new themes? We lied. You’re actually getting six, because we just introduced two additional themes to celebrate the New Year!

We know how much you like new themes, so we’ve just introduced two additional themes to our repertoire. This means you can go straight from celebrating the holidays to celebrating the New Year.

Yuk Fun and Hank Washington are the amazing graphic artists we commissioned. Let’s take a look at their designs now…

Yuk Fun

Yuk Fun couple photo

Yuk Fun are a UK duo who specialize in over-the-top colorful characters. And it’s not just a clever name – their designs scream fun. And honestly, that’s the vibe we’re aiming for in 2021. We asked them what inspired their theme and this is what they said. 

The piece was inspired by all those pool parties and beach discos we used to go to back in the day. We’re really happy to be chucking 2020 in the bin and looking forward to new and exciting projects in the new year! - Yuk Fun

Yuk Fun's Linktree theme

When are pool parties going to be socially acceptable again? We can’t wait. 

Hank Designs Studio

Hank Washington photo

Hank is another fun designer, but with a totally different vibe. We love his shiny, bubbly 3D designs. It makes you of balloons, which make you think of birthday parties. And the New Year is the Earth’s birthday party, let’s be honest. We asked Hank to sum up what inspired him, and this is what he said. 

Hank Designs Studio Linktree Theme

I'm always a fan of fun, warmth, and vibrancy when I approach my artwork and I think that's something the world needs as we come to the end of a very challenging year. I'm optimistic that 2021 is going to bring a lot of clarity, growth, and adaptation for the better, and that makes me excited. - Hank Washington

Us too, Hank. Us too.

Head to your admin page today to apply one of these two new themes. They’ll only be around for a limited time, so get them while they’re hot!