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We want to plant a forest, with One Tree Planted

This month we want to contribute to a cause that is very dear to us. Introducing One Tree Planted. Linktree will be planting a tree for every PRO signup this September.

One Tree Planted

Pic courtesy of One Tree Planted

The tragedy of the recent Amazon rainforest fires are a global wake up call for anyone who wasn’t already concerned about carbon levels and deforestation. Our planet is in crisis mode. The Linktree team believes we all have a duty to nurse nature back to health and need to start making shifts in our behaviors now.

One of the ways we as a company can do that is to use our audience’s attention to share information on important topics, just like this. In fact the very concept of Linktree centres around knowledge discovery. It’s time we did something about it offline too.

That’s why we’ve partnered with non-profit organization, One Tree Planted. Founded in 2014 by Matt Hill, the One Tree Planted team is committed to reforestation on four continents – North Amercia, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Not only does the organization support the planting of the trees, they also monitor and maintain them to ensure their impact is lasting. To date, One Tree Planted has put 4 million trees in the ground. And we want more!

As a cause, reforestation is important to us because they impact so many aspects of life here on earth. As Linktree CTO Alex Zaccaria says, “they clean the air we breath, they help prevent flooding and landslides and provide habitat for 80% of the world’s population. Trees are more than a little bit clever!”.

For us it’s a no-brainer. Creative director Nicky Humphreys says “Trees are the earth’s vacuum – they remove up to 150kg of carbon dioxide from the air a year. That’s something we know is critical in controlling climate change and making Earth a safer place to live.”

"Trees are the earth's vacuum - they remove up to 150kg of carbon dioxide from the air a year."

So please, help us and spread the word! We’ll donate one tree for every PRO signup through September. If you’re on our free version, it’s the perfect time to get PRO!

You go PRO, we plant a tree.Let's get green together!
One Tree Planted

Pic courtesy of One Tree Planted & Leonel Mijangos – www.nelomh.com

As a reminder, here are some of the awesome things you get with the PRO package, for just $6 USD a month:

  • Social icons so you don’t clutter your Linktree with social links.
  • Mailchimp integration, so your visitors can sign-up to your newsletter from your Linktree.
  • Daily analytics on your visitor views and clicks.
  • A totally customizable profile, with heaps of backgrounds, fonts and buttons.
  • Priority Links – animate your top link to draw attention to it.
  • Link scheduling so you can time your links inline with your content publishing.
  • Smart marketing tools like Facebook pixel integration so you can retarget your visitors.

And that’s just the start. Check it out for yourself here!