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Just in: New social icons and Twitch Links

It’s release day! Time to meet the features add-ons that will ramp up your ability to grow and engage with your audiences.

Linktree Twitch links

1. We’re making your Twitch more discoverable

Streaming is in absolute boom, partially thanks to lockdown –  Twitch viewed hours were up by 101% in April – but it’s a trend that’s here to stay. And it’s not just gamers – we’re seeing active communities on Twitch across arts/creative, music, food and comedy. We’re all seeking out more meaningful and entertaining connections online. That’s why we wanted to celebrate the Twitch users in the Linktree community and release some tools to help you guys turn your viewers into followers and your followers into subs.

Twitch embeds on your Linktree

There are now a few ways that Twitch streamers can get their Linktree audiences to engage with their content.

You can embed the following so that they play natively on your Linktree, without the visitor having to click away:

  1. Your Twitch live stream (with or without the chat)
  2. Your Twitch chat on its own
  3. A Twitch video

The new feature, available with Linktree PRO, works exactly as the YouTube feature does, using Video Links. Next time you add a Twitch URL link to your Linktree you’ll be asked if you want to embed the content onto your Linktree, or still link off to Twitch. The choice is yours!

Using Twitch Links means you’ll get more chat, streams, views, subs, cheers and growth. 

Linktree Twitch links

Why embed your Twitch chats on Linktree?

Twitch data shows that users who chat in their first visit are 50% more likely to come back to that channel. Capturing those curious Linktree visitors will build loyal fans long term and will help you on your way to monetizing your stream. 

PRO Tip! Add your emotes as thumbnail icons to your Linktree link to build brand awareness.

Other ideas for your Linktree:

  • Link to your merch. Time to monetize!
  • Use the SMS signup feature and you can text your followers when you’re about to stream.
  • Use Linktree Analytics to get your visitor data, including where your audience is from and what’s referring them to you – use it to show your sponsors your value.

Read more about monetizing streaming here.

2. You’ve got new social icons

Linktree social icons

Find your perfect mix! Which social icons best represent your brand?

Check your social icons! We’ve just added seven new icons that you can use to declutter your Linktree and make sure you’re growing audiences across platforms and sending your Linktree visitors to where they want to go.

The new social icons are:

  • Snapchat
  • Apple Podcast
  • Apple App Store
  • Android App Store
  • Etsy
  • $ sign (Venmo, Paypal, Cash.app)
  • Poshmark

We’ve added in the icons that matter most to the Linktree community and they’re there to help your grow your audiences, monetize and get more downloads and listens. Using social icons makes sure that the main links on your Linktree are for your most relevant, current content. Think of your social icons as your ‘evergreen’ links tucked neatly below. There are now more than 20 icons to choose from.

Linktree social icons
Go PRO to use iconsStep it up a gear

We want to hear how you’re using your new features! Head over the the Linktree User Club on Facebook and share your revamped profile with us – we’ll whizz it by the team for instant feedback.

Linktree Twitch links