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Linktree Free just got a load more features

Free users, we’ve got you: we just unlocked a raft of features to Linktree Free. It’s time to get your content organized.

While we know there are super powerful things our PRO users rely on their Linktree for, our Free users are also with Linktree to make meaningful connections with their audiences, build their brand and businesses and showcase their online identities. To help them do that, we just unlocked a series of features to our Free product.

The economists amongst you may ask, ‘why’? Well, we’ve got a tonne of innovative tools coming on our roadmap – and we know that we’ll continue to make this industry’s smartest, most cutting-edge tech. Bringing all our users on that journey, and pricing the most valuable tools fairly is something we’ll remain committed to.

And PRO users – we’ll let you in on a secret – stay tuned as later this week we’re also beefing up PRO features.

Meet the new Free features

Linktree free video

Embed videos directly into your Linktree Free.

Everyone gets a Video Link!

You can now embed YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo and Twitch videos directly on your Linktree to help increase your video views and engagement. Formerly a PRO feature, read more about it here.

Top tip: By embedding the video, your visitor can play the content directly on your Linktree, and stick around to still view more content. Win-win!

Build your bio – share more about who you are

Give yourself a name!

Don’t be tied to the default, now you can add a Title to your Linktree to tell your visitors more about who you are and bio copy so they know what they can do on your Linktree. Make it clear and concise, and you’ll build firmer connections with your audiences. Better still, switch it up when you’ve got important messages to push.

Linktree free headers

Get organized to point your visitors to their destination faster.

Get organized, with Headers

If your bookcase is color-coded or your spice rack labelled, this one is for you. We just unlocked Headers for Free users. Group your links under headers that will improve discoverability for your visitors.

Foodies, you might want to cluster recipes separate to articles or restaurant details. Creators, you might want to group your recent projects, cluster your collaborators and make your contact details stand out in their own section. Stuck for ideas? A simple ‘Things I love’, ‘What I’m working on’ and ‘Articles I’m reading’ is a fun place to start.

Linktree free social links

Add Social Links to save space on your Linktree

You asked for it, and we heard you: Social Icons are now free for all users! That means you don’t need to take up space on your main Linktree to link out to your social platforms – instead you can neatly use icons to make them discoverable at the bottom of your Linktree. Build the mix that works best for you – there is a bunch to choose from!

Linktree free icons

Be iconic, for Free.

Add Icons to your Links

You can now make your links stand out with Icons – a super simple way to drive eyeballs on the right content. We’re all about creating seamless experiences for visitors to discover the content that matters to them – this feature is like digital sign posting. Walk this way! Read more about Link Icons here.

We’d love to hear how you’re using the new features. Come and join the conversation over on Twitter, or show us your Linktree makeover on Instagram or TikTok!