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5 Ways To Monetize Using Commerce Links

Need to bankroll your business? Here are a few ways creators on Linktree are using commerce links to get paid!

Linktree commerce links

Linktree commerce links on user profiles

We live in a world where people have the ability to create whatever they want, for whoever they want, wherever and whenever they want. These people are Creators in the new Passion Economy, and their ambition is what motivates digital platforms—like Linktree—to make changes to their product. At Linktree, we are always seeking new opportunities for our users to create value and build relationships with their audience.

While the freedom to freelance and be your own boss is very rewarding, we know it doesn’t exactly pay the bills. To fix this, Linktree rolled out a new product feature called Commerce Links that enables users to scale their businesses and earn income for what they create. There are two main commerce links: Support Me links, which allow users to collect payments and donations from visitors right on their Linktree using PayPal or the Square app, and Request links which allow visitors to request goods and services from your Linktree.

Although there are just two types of commerce links, there are infinite ways to use them. To figure out the best way to use this feature on your Linktree, take a look at how other users are utilizing commerce links to monetize their passions.

Pay for workouts

When gyms shut down during COVID, many fitness professionals turned to tech platforms to train their clients virtually. Instructors with loyal followings started teaching classes on Zoom and personal trainers Facetimed their 1:1 sessions. They got creative—and it worked. Fitness professions are using Linktree to take payment for their services, like US-based personal trainer Adiva Mckensie who set up commerce links so that her clients can purchase personal training packages via her Linktree, @GetFitWithDiva. Boutique studios like Orcas Dance Collective let people for classes via their Linktree, @orcasdance. Donation-based studios may prefer to use the Support Me links for pay-what-you-can classes, such as the black women-owned wellness company, Yoga and Chill.

Order products

Linktree is no Seamless but it is a really useful platform for food and beverage companies to take orders. Forage San Diego takes payment for their customized charcuterie boards right on their Linktree. You can even choose from multiple options. Midwestern US coffee company JavAroma Roasters sells cold brew kits and specialized coffee beans from their Linktree, giving their customers the option to choose from multiple flavors and sizes. Besides food, several Linktree users have commerce links set up so that people can buy other products or pre-order goods, like Genasys Enterprise Solutions and Chase Zion Publishing are doing for their upcoming books.

Javaroma Roasters Linktree

Linktree page for Javaroma Roasters

Tip for services

Not everyone carries cash these days so Linktree is the perfect platform to collect tips for your services. Unlike Venmo and other direct payment services, tipping through Linktree gives visitors the opportunity to explore your brand further via the other links in your profile. Musician Ryan LaPerle has a website and several social media profiles, but chooses Linktree to collect tips for his performances.

Book appointments

UK-based Surgical Doctor Maya Shahsavari also moonlights as a spiritual healer. She lets clients book private spiritual readings via her Linktree, @Dr.Maya.Surgeon. Her detailed profile also gives visitors a glimpse at her credentials, social media pages, press coverage, and ways to get in touch, something that only a tool like Linktree can provide all at once. Business consultant Shaheen Pathan offers life coaching sessions to women on her Linktree. Another example is licensed massage therapist and healer Jem, or @LoveHazelHealing, who offers pricing for massage, energy work, tarot readings, and more appointments on their Linktree.

LoveHazelHealing Linktree Page

Make a deposit

Businesses are utilizing commerce links to collect deposits for appointments. Wine On Wheels, a mobile beverage experience company, requests deposits to secure event dates on their Linktree. Beauty service providers like Sade Styles hair salon and Bloom Aesthetics have clients put down deposits before booking appointments.

Support someone’s passion

Even without a tangible product or service to sell, Linktree users are getting support by way of fan donations. Author Paul Waggener, American Standard Time record label (aka @ASTRecords), BIPOC Deaf Film & Talent Management company TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment, and more Linktree users have Support Me links on their profiles to help fund the work they do.

These are just a few of the many ways the Linktree community members are embracing commerce links. If you haven’t set one up yet, what are you waiting for? If you’re new to Square, sign up here and then follow these instructions to enable a commerce link. Unlike many other payment platforms, Linktree commerce links have no additional fees. That’s right: receiving donations, tips, or payments for requests or services costs you absolutely nothing. Linktree is adding other payment options (like PayPal) in the next few weeks so stay tuned!