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Mitch King Juggles Puppy Patrol With Leading Linktree’s Growing Talent Acquisition Team

Working from home with two young kids is already a lot to juggle, so adding a new puppy to the mix might seem like a crazy idea — but Mitch King says seeing their faces when he brought her home was his favorite memory of 2021.


As Linktree’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Mitch works hard to ensure his growing team is providing the best candidate experience while also wearing many hats at home, including puppy trainer and landscaper.

Although he joined right at the moment when COVID hit and everyone started working remotely, one of his favorite things about working at Linktree is the strong bond the people have. A lot of the roles his team hires for are newly created so “knowing that we are all in a similar position means there is a lot of empathy to each other and willingness to help each other wherever we can.”

Read on to find out more about Mitch and his many lives.

How did you hear about Linktree?

As a user! In my last company I needed a solution to get job seekers from our social media to the jobs they were interested in quicker than heading to our website (because it was rubbish) and that’s how I came across Linktree. 

Can you tell us about your role as Head of Talent Acquisition?

My role is to make sure that hiring at Linktree is done the right way, which means aiming for the highest level of candidate and hiring manager experience. I manage our TA team which has grown rapidly to 9 people with more coming/needed, as well as being a hands on TA myself. 

What are some exciting roles you’ve hired for OR are hiring for?

Almost all of the roles we work on at Linktree are new hires – roles that the company hasn’t had before and sometimes to build teams/functions from scratch. The roles that excite me the most are the hardest ones to fill, new roles in industries that combine skill sets into new positions. 

What do you like about your job?

There are many interesting problems to solve with a lot of freedom on how to solve them, with a ton of smart people to help you solve them.

Where did you work before Linktree?

I worked at a Digital and Creative recruitment agency for 12 years. Before that I’d been in admin roles, mail rooms and even washed a few dishes. 

What made you want to work at Linktree? 

Quite a few reasons. The founders’ views on how to create a company people want to work at, like flexible working before everyone was forced to go remotely. Also I saw the potential in the product – they had hit such big numbers with a tiny team so it looked to me like there was a lot of meat still left on the bone.

What advice would you give job-seekers who want to work at Linktree? 

Showing a genuine interest in the company and product is a good start. Don’t send generic cover letters or go into an interview not knowing anything about Linktree. Showing that you understand what the product is, what type of company we are and why that appeals to you makes a strong first impression.

What’s the strangest or most unique application you’ve ever received?

A screenshot of someone’s canary in a cage. 

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hot chips (French fries for my American friends) with chicken salt and vinegar.

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