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Is MasterClass the Future of Education?

Have you ever wished you could learn acting from a pro, like Natalie Portman? How about tap into some of the leadership skills of Anna Wintour? Or what about learn the filmmaking secrets of Martin Scorsese? A revolutionary education platform means you can now learn directly from your idols. Meet MasterClass.

Unprecedented access into the world of Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.

Launched in 2014, MasterClass is a platform that hosts video-education from industry greats. We dig them (and not only because they use Linktree!) as their mission is also to help people do more whether that’s growing their businesses, interests or minds.

Broken down into specific class topics, each class is delivered by an expert, through a series of 10-minute videos. An All-Access Pass gives you free rein of more than 75 classes. And the good folk over at MasterClass have been kind enough to give us two All-Access Passes for the Linktree community!

First, let’s chat with the MasterClass team, then find more details of how you can enter the competition at the end of this article!

How did the idea for MasterClass come about?

“The inspiration for MasterClass comes from Co-Founder and CEO David Rogier’s grandmother who believed, “Education is the only thing that someone can’t take away from you.” As someone who is passionate about learning and always curious, that resonated with David and ultimately motivated him to build MasterClass, a platform that makes it possible for anybody in the world to learn from the best.”

Who were the first class instructors?

Best selling author James Patterson was the first to sign on to MasterClass. Other early instructors included tennis great Serena Williams, and performers Usher and Christina Aguilera. Now, MasterClass provides lessons from over 80 of the world’s best – and that number continues to grow!

Has anything surprised you in the journey of MasterClass?

“MasterClass has become one of the fastest-growing and largest education platforms in the world. What started off as three instructors has grown to a catalogue. From photography to cooking to leadership, we’ve allowed access to countless hours of learning that can be consumed on your own time, at your own pace, when and where you want to learn.

“Another aspect that has changed is how students consume our content. When we first launched we were charging $90 dollars to access an individual class. Since then, we’ve introduced the $180 yearly subscription, which has been exciting because we see students explore other fields.”

linktree masterclass

A private tennis lesson with Serena Williams?? Yes please!

How useful has social media been for your business?

“Social media has been instrumental in helping build MasterClass. We find Instagram to be one of the most rewarding platforms for growing brand awareness. We love watching Instagram Stories that our students share showcasing what they’re learning from MasterClass.

“We also love using Instagram to share the MasterClass story with our audience — we host Instagram Live Q&As with our instructors, share our class trailers on IGTV, and utilize Linktree to share links to our classes and apps through our profile. You can follow us on Instagram at @masterclass.”

What’s the future of digital education?

“We as a generation love to learn and in the future that will only continue out of curiosity and necessity. Careers are changing much faster and technology is forcing us all to learn new skills to keep moving forward. Technology has allowed us to learn on-demand and devour content at our own pace, uninterrupted.

“Currently, MasterClass is available via mobile, laptop and now through Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. The future will bring more accessibility and provide lifelong learning anywhere, any time, and without time constraints.”

"Technology has allowed us to learn on-demand and devour content at our own pace, uninterrupted." MasterClass

Your classes are mostly delivered in 10-minute lessons. Why so short?

“Each MasterClass is broken down into a selection of digestible video lessons and cinematic visuals with close-up, hands-on demonstrations that make you feel one-on-one with the instructor. These lessons add up to a full class but we have found concise, individual lessons allow students the flexibility to dive in and out of a class and also across categories.”

linktree masterclass

What’s scientific thinking? Why not let one of the world’s leading astrophysicists, Neil deGrasse Tyson, teach you how his brain works?

You get incredible names like Samuel L Jackson to share wisdom – how do you engage such high profile people?

“Instructors sign on because they see MasterClass as an opportunity to give back, share their knowledge and leave their legacy. We love having the opportunity to work with our instructors and share their wisdom with our students!”

Competition time!

Thanks to the kind peeps over at MasterClass, we have two All-Access Passes (worth $180, which will give you a year of amazing lessons!) to giveaway if you’re in the US. Simply jump on over to our Facebook and tell us in 25 words what you’ve been putting off lately.

You’ve got until Thursday 27th February to get your entry in – good luck, these are hot property!!