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Beyond the Feed: How Marc Raco is Amplifying the Voices of Creators

Meet the New York City-based podcast veteran making Linktree a prominent force in the audio space. 

Marc Raco is Linktree's Head of Audio

Linktree’s Head of Audio Marc Raco has lived several lives. From co-founding a media network to performing on-screen as a professional actor, the multi-hyphenate has brought his impressive repertoire to the Linktree team to “play a meaningful role in leading the way toward a prominent presence in the audio space.”

Having produced more than 25 podcasts over the last eight years (Fashion Is Your Business was once number one in the Fashion/Beauty category on Apple Podcasts, and he still hosts “Funny People Talking”), Marc is now producing and hosting Linktree’s first podcast, “Beyond the Feed.” This new venture focuses on the universal driving force of passion, and Marc is hoping that listeners will be “motivated to move forward with their passions, take action to make the world better, and trust that they have something to offer.”

“Beyond the Feed” has already featured icons such as internationally-celebrated drag queen and educator Mrs. Kasha Davis, lauded Indian food expert Rashmi Uday Singh, and Linktree’s Passion Fund winner Hayley Marsten. Marc is now developing a second Linktree podcast designed to be an asset to the creator community. We tuned in with the audio wizard to hear more.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Linktree?

Frankly, the team that leadership continues to assemble here is jaw-dropping. When you blend high caliber, genuinely nice, respectful, and fun people with hard-working leadership who know what they are doing and are deeply committed to making this a better place to work than yesterday, everyday? I can’t think of too many things better than that.

Tell us about your role as Head of Audio

Audio, while one of oldest methods of communication, is still in constant innovation in the ways brands communicate with audiences in today’s world. Podcasting itself is having a real moment, but is relatively nascent. Linktree is excited to dive deeper into finding creative and innovative ways to utilize audio to inspire, educate, and drive value for users.

We are excited to strategize and produce engaging audio content and be a resource on the growing audio space, while keeping an open mind on when and how audio could be an effective asset as Linktree continues to rise to new opportunities ahead.

You’re producing and hosting Linktree’s first podcast, “Beyond the Feed.” Can you tell us more about it?

Linktree goes “beyond the feed” to better understand the nature of the passion economy, and what fuels and inspires the imagination and impact of creative success. We’ll be uncovering what leading creative minds, innovators, community builders, and industry leaders have learned and how they’ve harnessed it to achieve great things.

By approaching this with thoughtful interviews and a kind of engaging short-form documentary format, my intent is to make each episode compelling and filled with useful ideas anyone can put into motion, all with a connective tissue of passion’s power and potential.

"Beyond the Feed" is a Linktree podcast hosted by Head of Audio Marc Raco.

Hosted by Marc Raco, “Beyond the Feed” is Linktree’s first podcast.

How do you see Linktree’s involvement in podcasts evolving to help Linktree grow as a company?

While Linktree started as a side hustle to provide a simple solution to a problem, the platform is now serving more than 17 million people around the world. This community of users has many needs, aspirations, ventures, and identities. It is crucial that we embed ourselves in as many channels of communication as possible so we can provide value to every user, demonstrating we are a partner in their success, and giving them an opportunity to make the most of their digital identity.

Given the recent significant growth of audio content, we know it is important that we launch fitting content within that space, receive a response from the community, and optimize how audio can be increasingly valuable from there.

How do you fill an uncomfortable or awkward silence when on air?

Candidly, I am not sure that silences always need to be filled. Most shows can be edited so that the silences and stumbles can be eliminated. Yet in many cases the silences are powerful, and staying silent can prompt a guest to keep digging deeper on what they were saying, providing even more interesting content.

If silence doesn’t seem productive, simply saying “tell me more,” or verbally acknowledging someone, gives them a signal that they have permission to go further, or to encourage them that you are listening and interested, which can lead to them opening up further. However, with experience, one can sense when it is useful to break the silence with a new topic, question, or fresh content.

Instagram of Marc Raco working on set for a commercial.

Marc Raco shooting a commercial in midtown Manhattan.

Would you say that you have to be an extrovert to do what you do?

I don’t think you have to necessarily be an extrovert. But I think you must be a genuine listener and patient, and someone who can strategize ahead and pivot easily in the moment. The worst thing someone can do is be thinking about what they want to say next, which usually results in missing the amazing stuff that is happening right now.

"You must be a genuine listener and patient, and someone who can strategize ahead and pivot easily in the moment."

Who would your dream podcast guest be?

Comedian, writer, producer, actor Tina Fey. Hands down. I’ve come very close to working with her five times, so it feels like destiny. For years on one of my podcasts, we would do a salute to Tina Fey every episode, whereon we would pray to the “comedy gods” for just a moment with her, simply putting it out into the Universe.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I know American Sign Language, and also have composed and recorded more than 70 songs and pieces of music—many of which have been used in films, theatre productions, and even as on-hold music for a major phone conferencing system.

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