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When to Use Leap Links

We’ve just released a shiny new feature, Leap Links. It’s a tool that’s going to help you if you have a key online moment, like launching a new site or dropping a single. Let’s take a look.

leap links

With Leap Links you can send your traffic past your Linktree for a set period.

Most of the time you want your bio link to do as much as possible – that’s why we built Linktree. But occasionally you may need to direct all your traffic to one place. You might be launching a product, promoting an event or releasing a single: now we’re here for your hype moments too.

Setting a Leap Link will mean all your traffic will temporarily bypass your Linktree and point to one place. Think of it as hop-scotching over your Linktree for a specific length of time!

Why would you use a Leap Link?

Sometimes there are occasions which require as many eyeballs in one place as possible. You could set up a priority link on your Linktree, but your visitors still have an option to view other content. So we built a function that lets you drive traffic to a sole location, from within your Linktree – meaning you still don’t have to change the link in your bio.

Leap Links is there for all of your hype moments online, whether you're launching a site, releasing your music video or dropping a new single.

We saw that when artists or performers needed to temporarily remove their Linktree to point to a release, they can forget to ever set it back. That means future visitors will be sent to an untimely link – it’s less engaging.

The beauty of Leap Links is you get to set how long you want your traffic to pass over your Linktree. Once that time period is over, your Leap Link expires and you are automatically restored to your regular Linktree. All of this without changing your bio link!

Leap Links features

One of the coolest things about Leap Links is that you will still get all of your Linktree analytics on the link. That means you can still measure your traffic and use the Facebook Pixel integration for retargeting. You’ll be able to measure its success alongside your regular Linktree links.

When to use Leap Links

There are lots of occasions that might call for a Leap Link. Here are some:

  • Launching a new product that you want to sell fast.
  • Appearing at an event and you need to link to it.
  • Releasing your music video and need your view count up.
  • Looking for votes or sponsors.
  • Releasing tickets for your upcoming tour.
  • You’ve got a time-sensitive competition running.
  • A new website that need eyeballs on it, ASAP!

That’s just a few ideas. We’re really excited about to see how you use your Leap Links. Come and tell us what you’re Leap Linking to, over on Instagram!

Remember, that in general it’s best to link your audience to more than one place – so that they can chose how they interact with you and are able to discover as much about you as possible. Leap Links is here for the special hype moments in what you do.

How do I get Leap Links?

Leap Links is available with our PRO subscription. You’ll find it in the ‘Links’ tab. Simply set how long you want your Leap Link to run for and your Linktree will return to its usual multi-tasking destination afterwards.

Let us know how you get on! Happy Leaping!

You can learn more about how to use Leap Links in our support documentation.