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7 Linktrees for Your Best Possible 2020

New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone. But undoubtably there is a squeaky-clean feeling at the top of the year that can make us want to try something new, increase our productivity, or be a bit kinder to ourselves and the planet.

There are some great people and brands in our community that can help you do it. Let’s meet them.

Starting 2020 the right way

Look, you’re perfect just as you are. If you want to throw some energy at a little self-improvement this year, awesome. If you don’t, also awesome! Instead of making 2020 about doing more, let’s think about doing it better.


Launch it, with Adobe Spark

Spark is Adobe’s tool for helping design beautiful social imagery, videos and websites – a one stop shop for marketing graphics. That’s ideal if this is the year you’re going to finally launch your brand. Using their library of imagery, you can very quickly build engaging content that raises your brand’s social – a critical way to grow your audience. And polish up your website to match!

Head to Adobe Spark’s Linktree to discover great content around design trends and inspiration. A must-follow for the aesthetes out there.


Earn, with Patreon

This year you can make your side-hustle profitable, thanks to Patreon – a membership platform for creators to leverage audiences to get paid for their work. The platform is used by podcasters, writers, illustrators, gamers and musicians – you get to create different membership tiers for different levels of subscriber content.

The monthly subscriptions create consistency in your income – meaning you can plan, create better content and properly forecast. Power to creators – that’s something we can get behind!


Learn, with Masterclass

Masterclass has set up a genius education platform, tapping into global subject matter experts to deliver courses online. We’re talking of the calibre of David Sedaris teaching storytelling, Misty Copeland teaching ballet technique, Deadmau5 teaching digital music production or Annie Leibovitz teaching photography. Wisdoms are shared in a course made up of a series of lessons (videos) that are around 10 minutes each. For a little over 200 dollars, an all-access year’s subscription gets you access to more than 75 instructors – it’s an amazing gift for a curious mind or a great way to kickstart a smarter 2020.


'Read' more, with Audible

Do you add ‘read more’ to your resolutions each new year but can never find the time to commit? Audiobooks are for you my friend. Get all the wonderful escapism or learnings from your reading list, without compromising on your active lifestyle. Listen to The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck while doing the housework, Michele Obama’s autobiography while driving to work, How to Marathon while out on a jog, or The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read sat with the family. Streamline your learning!


Eat better, with Just

Just is a visionary company changing the systems behind food production. Currently, eating quickly and affordably, often means eating foods that cause chronic illness or contribute to climate change. They’re investigating over 300,000 unexplored plant species for how they can make our cookies, ice cream, butter or scrambled eggs better. So far Just has an egg alternative on the market, as well as a mayo, chipotle and salad dressing – all of which are egg- and gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher. Follow these guys for incredible food insights, to shop their current products and be the first to know when new lines launch.


Save paper, with Flux

Flux has taught us that 50% of paper receipts contain toxic substances that aren’t only harmful to us, but to wildlife and trees too. These toxins also mean that receipts are almost impossible to recycle – and yet they’re something we still get given daily, for the smallest of purchases. Flux has come up with an app that automates digital receipts into your banking app, as you pay. The startup is so far only in the UK, but they’re worth following as a great example of a brand with climate considerations at its core.

Wim Hof Method

Brace yourself, it’s the Iceman.


Be courageous, with Wim Hof

Known as ‘the Iceman’, Wim is an expert in cold exposure. He’s developed a technique, known as the Wim Hof Method, that uses extreme temperatures – cold therapy – and breathing to tap into happiness, health and power. Wim’s theory is that our comfortable, modern existence means we’ve become disconnected from our natural environments. By embracing the body’s ability to adjust to extreme temperatures, Wim says we trigger deeper psychological layers that have been dormant. Go on, be brave. Then tell us how it went.

We want to hear from you if these influencers and brands have a part in your New Year. Who else are you turning to for a little digital support?

Also, if doing some good is top of your 2020 list, remember we’ve launched a donation pop-up that you can enable on your own Linktree profile to raise funds for the Australian Bushfire Crisis. Read more about this very important cause here.

Here’s to a impactful 2020.