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Best Practices

Get Black Friday-Ready with Linktree

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally the biggest events on the retail calendar, and with so many businesses going digital in the pandemic era, 2020 is going to be unprecedented. If you’ve never Black Friday’d online before, you’re probably a bit intimidated. Here’s how you can make the most of Black Friday on social media. 

how to prepare your business for black friday and cyber monday

For most retailers, Black Friday and the surrounding days are the most lucrative days of the year, determining how the critical fourth quarter will shape up.

The majority of Black Friday shopping is done online, where consumers expect to find the best deals, so even in a normal year, email newsletters and social media generally attracts an audience to convert to sales. But as the social landscape gets more crowded, businesses are having to be smarter digital marketers than ever before.

Black Friday doesn't have to be about slashing prices across the board - it's about making considered offers that are very appealing to your specific customer groups.

Black Friday for Instagram

The need for seamless retail is amplified further over the Black Friday weekend, when shoppers are bombarded with messaging across different platforms and are making their purchase decisions swiftly.

Linktree is transforming the way brands and retailers optimize their audiences and sell on social media. You can use your Linktree to make sure that your entire audience is connected to the right content – it’s perfect for removing friction from the discovery process and creating a personalized path to purchase.

Rather than having a generic sale page in your bio links, this Black Friday use Linktree to connect followers to specific categories and products you’ve highlighted in your feed and Stories.

Black Friday link ideas

Drive greater conversion with really direct Call-to-Actions. Include ‘Limited Stock’ sections, ‘One Day Only’ links or bracket by discount percentage.

Not all consumers want to trawl through sales – don’t alienate your full-price shoppers, who are after newness. You can still capture those high margins by connecting your social followers to ‘New In’ sections from your Linktree.

We set up a best practice Linktree for Black Friday profile to inspire you. See it here.

Cyber Monday on Linktree

Consumers spend more on Cyber Monday! Make sure you switch up your Linktree deals each day of the discounting weekend to incentivize your customers to shop.

With Linktree PRO you can schedule your links to go live at a set time. This is perfect for the crazy discounting weekend to ensure nothing gets overlooked. And if for a limited time you want all of your traffic to link directly to your sale section, you can do that too – with Leap Links. However, it’s good practice to help your audience create their personalized shopping experience, rather than overwhelm them with options. Setting out links grouped by category or discount brackets will convert well.

Convert this Black FridayConvert this Black Friday

Black Friday for non-typical verticals

As we’re heading into pandemic recovery, you can probably predict a lot of Black Friday traffic to go local. If you’re in hospitality, you can tap into Black Friday online too – why not offer a discount for local residents in restaurant vouchers? Or host a special priced menu and take bookings through your Linktree?

Black Friday doesn’t have to be about slashing prices across the board – it’s about making considered offers that are appealing to your specific customer segments.

Retailers, if you need help with your Black Friday Linktree, just let us know. You can completely customize and brand your Linktree so it looks and feels just like your store.