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Release Notes: SMS Links, Geo Analytics and much more!

We’re always working on ways to ensure Linktree caters to your next needs, whether you’re a creator, a business or simply someone with things to share.

Our latest batch of releases are smart tools to power up your digital content.

If you have a Linktree, you’ll have noticed them when you logged in. Here’s some more info on why we’ve prioritized these features, and how you can use them best.

Your new PRO features are:

  • SMS Links
  • Video Links
  • Analytics on top countries and referrers to your Linktree
  • CSV data downloads
  • New fonts
  • Custom terms and conditions for signup forms

And they’re all rolled in with our $6 PRO subscription.

Linktree features

The new SMS signup means you can capture text audiences.

Start collecting text subscribers

SMS marketing is on the rise – by 2023 it’s estimated 3.5 trillion text messages will be sent a year by businesses, a 52% increase from 2017. And they’re an effective form of marketing: MessageMedia found that 81% of Americans have opened a SMS from a brand.

Marketing mogul Gary Vaynerchuk is a big fan of text marketing. In conversation with Linktree’s co-founder he admitted that “having 70,000 people on a text special platform like I do right now converts better than having 3 million followers on Facebook.”

So we built a seamless way to integrate a text subscriber form into your Linktree – one where your visitors can input their number, directly from your Linktree. On submission, it will automatically add to your synced spreadsheet.

If you’re a PRO subscriber, you can add an SMS Link sign-up from the ‘Settings’ tab of your Linktree admin.

Use SMS Links for:

  • Alerting your keenest customers about pre-release
  • Letting your engaged audience know first if a reservation or ticket opens up
  • Telling your audience a webinar is about to start
  • Texting your followers a link to your latest podcast
  • Offering mentorship or consulting services to your audience
  • Sending out a text newsletter
  • Serving extra content to the most dedicated members of your audience
I'm ready for text marketing!Join PRO
Linktree features

Have YouTube vids play seamlessly on your Linktree.

Play videos directly from your Linktree

This one is such a power feature, it’s worthy of its own article. Since release, we’ve found Video Links to be hugely valuable to a vast range of you – from YouTubers with a tonne of vids to share, to brands who might have one explainer video they want to showcase.

Our mission with this feature was to find an uncluttered way to embed video within a Linktree – and a way that still drove conversion to the original content itself. We found that the most seamless and user-friendly way was to incorporate that video into the same visual structure visitors are so used to experiencing on Linktree profiles.

With one click on a link, the YouTube video drops down and plays. Another click will take your visitor directly to YouTube.

Linktree analytics

Learn more about who your audience really is.

Enriched Analytics

This one bundles together a few ways to get richer info from your data. Firstly, you now have geo data, so you can see which are the top countries viewing your Linktree. Use this to fine tune your scheduling and tailor your content. You may discover you’re a surprise hit in a country you’ve not targeted before!

Then have a look at which websites are sending visitors your way, with referral data. Are you getting coverage somewhere you didn’t expect? Your top referrers might even reveal a potential collaborator or partnership.

For the data purists in the house – you can also now download your clicks and views data to CSV. That way you can bring them into your own spreadsheets for extra analysis and charting.

Hit me with the data!Gimmie Enriched Analytics
Linktree customization

Go hell for leather with your customization.

Five extra fonts for personalization

With PRO you get full flexibiltiy on how your Linktree looks. You can choose from 15 preset themes, or hit the cog icon to fully control your own. That includes button shape, color, background and font style….including the addition of five new fonts!

Play around – find out what works best to represent your own brand. You can even test how the different fonts drive your conversion, with the click through rate (CTR) analytics.

We want to hear your thoughts!

We look forward to seeing the smart ways the Linktree community uses these new features – as always, it’s you guys that inspire us to keep pushing Linktree to new frontiers.  Come and tell us how you’re getting on with your new tools, just find us on your favorite social platform here.