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4 Beautiful New Themes For Your Linktree

We have just released some seriously good-looking themes and buttons. It’s time to overhaul your Linktree!

Linktree customization

Meet Linktree’s freshest themes, available now.

Four sparkling, boxfresh new themes

Linktree PRO users now have access to four new themes that take current design trends and ensure they convert into clicks. After all, that’s the name of the game round here – getting your audiences to connect seamlessly with all of your important content.

“When designing for conversion, there’s a narrow crossover between making something that looks breathtaking and making something that does the job you want it to do: drive clicks.” says Linktree Creative Director, Nick Humphreys.

Our latest themes are the result of our design team's keen eye for trends and careful testing to know they convert.

All four of the new themes have shifting features – whether that’s animated sprinkles falling, or colors changing every time you land on the Linktree. “Our latest themes are the result of our design team’s keen eye for trends and careful testing to know they convert. I’m really happy with how they turned out – as are the speedy users who’ve already started using them!”

The four themes are:

Confetti – Watch the pastel-hued sprinkles fall across your Linktree. Semi-opaque buttons optimize the effect, while drawing attention to call-to-action.

Cartoon – Poster bright colors and sketch-lined buttons make this theme really pop. The palette changes every time it’s clicked on.

Rainbow – She’s a color-changing chameleon of rainbow hues. Solid white buttons makes copy stand out.

Starry Night – It’s spacey and fun, watch the disco particles float upwards on your Linktree. An 80s font drives home the ‘Stranger Things’ vibe.

Which is your favorite? Personally, I’m all about the cartoon theme, but come and show us your selection on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

New buttons for your branding

Maybe the new themes don’t suit your brand. Many brands on Linktree like to build bespoke profiles using our theme builder tools. You can select your background and button colors to match branding and choose fonts. You can also upload your own background picture or pattern.

We’ve just released new button styles to add to those options. Again, they aim to drive conversion, by making the button copy more prominent against busier backgrounds. The new choices are:

Box-edged buttons – it’s a dark bordered button to really make those links zing. Great to stand out against busy backgrounds or just to add graphic edge to plain colored backgrounds.

Shadowed buttons – A subtle little dropshadow on color-filled buttons that gives links a lift and better visual depth. This gently prods visitors to click!

Which buttons are you using? We want to see your Linktrees! Show us on social media and we’ll do a theme parade of the best out there.

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