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Introducing Lifetime Clicks and Views to Make Your Content Soar

A free update to all Linktree users launches this week: Lifetime Views. In this article we’ll explain what Views are, the insights they’ll reveal about your Linktree and how you can use all of Linktree’s analytics to improve your content.

linktree analytics

Understand how your links are performing with Linktree analytics.

Views vs Clicks

Currently your Linktree dashboard displays Clicks for each link. If you’re on our Free platform, within each link you can see a count for Clicks – the number of times each link has been clicked on, across its entire life. If you’re on the PRO plan, you get that plus an extra level of insight with a chart showing clicks by day, for the last 7 days.

Our latest update will show Lifetime¬†Views now too. That’s all of the traffic that has arrived at your Linktree. Again, the Free package will show you a Lifetime View count – which will appear at the top of your Linktree admin.

And for PRO, you get that plus Lifetime Clicks (all of the clicks taken across any links) and an extra chart showing both views and clicks per day, over the last 7 days.

Linktree analytics

And something else fab? The Lifetime Views track your entire history of Views on Linktree. We’ve been counting for you, before we even had a way to display it!

Use analytics to drive more eyeballs

You might wonder why have both metrics? Used in unison, they tell you a lot about your audience and your content.

If you’re surprised by how high your Lifetime Views is, compared to lower Lifetime Clicks you’re getting for each link, it could mean your Linktree needs a make-over. “Having a stylized Linktree will drive more clicks – it follows that if your Linktree looks considered, the content it links to will be of high quality too” says Linktree’s Creative Director, Nick Humphreys.

“Make your Linktree easy on the eye with complimentary color palettes, clear and descriptive link copy and branding which reflects your brand or personality. Don’t use rambling links, keep them well groomed.” That means kill those old links!

You also want to make your Linktree as ‘sticky’ as you can – meaning people want to stick on your Linktree and return to it to view many pieces of content. You can increase stickiness by including a wide range of links. Allow your audience to discover your articles, your Spotify playlists, your latest downloads, your other social sites and sign up to your newsletter. The stickier the better!

Join the PROs!Let's do this

PRO features like custom branding and Priority Links help convert views to clicks.

Things to test with Views:

  • Does your Lifetime View count increase more when you link to it from Stories, or from an Instagram post?
  • PRO users – what day of the week do you get most Views? Shuffle your content to optimize it!
  • Did people discover you through a new hashtag you used? Monitor surges in traffic relating to how you posted.
  • Are you getting repeat Clicks? Tot up how many Lifetime Clicks you’ve had across your Linktree, and compare it with Lifetime Views – if it’s higher, then your audience is loving your content.
  • Is your content under-performing compared to how many Views you’re getting? Maybe you need to shake up how and when you’re pushing your audience to it. Try posting on a different time of day, day of the week, or under a new hashtag.
  • If your Lifetime View count is lower than you anticipated, consider whether you’re posting frequently enough, using #linkinbio consistently and draw attention to your bio link with Gifs in your Stories.
  • Try your Linktree on other platforms and see if that lifts your View count! Test it out on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch for example.

Get stuck in there and share your best content! We can’t wait to hear what insights you dig out using Views. If you’re having any trouble understanding Views or Clicks, we’re here to help you out! Email us on support@linktr.ee or send us a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!