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Best Practices

First Moves to Make with Linktree PRO

Congrats, if you just upgraded to PRO! It’s the next step in being in control of all your content online. Here are 7 easy ways to make great use of your new PRO status, from day one.

key linktree features
key linktree features

1. Set a Priority Link

Now you’re with PRO, you have more ways to help direct your audience where you need them most. You can set a Priority Link with PRO – which animates one of your links to draw the visitor’s attention as soon as they land on your Linktree.

All you need to do is hit the star icon when you edit the link. You can then chose from the Buzz, Wobble or Pop action. This is a great way to highlight whatever content you’re featuring on social media, your newest YouTube vid, or your latest product.

key linktree features

2. Use the social icons

Using PRO unlocks social icons. Rather than having to include your social sites within your list of links, you can add every platform you’re on as an instantly identifiable social icon at the bottom of your Linktree.

Doing this means your list of links are primed for your most valuable content, and your visitors will know exactly what to expect from the social icons – it’s that setting up of expectations which drives click-through-rate.

3. Customize your Linktree profile

Time to get creative! PRO accounts come with extra-fancy preset themes, like Confetti or Starry Night, as well as more tools to choose your own button styles and fonts. Just head to the Appearance tab and hit the cog icon to explore your new options. This is the perfect way to make sure your branding is representative.


  • New button styles
  • Changing your button color
  • Uploading your own background, or choosing one from the Unsplash library
  • Changing fonts
Make your Linktree PROLet's do this!

4. Embed a video directly onto your Linktree

With Video Links your audience can seamlessly play video content on your Linktree, without having to link off. Simply choose a YouTube link, and when you paste it into the URL field in your link, you’ll receive a prompt that will give you the option of embedding the video, or linking off to it. Your choice!

Having a video play within your Linktree is a great way to make sure your audience has navigated to the content they want to discover, before leaving your Linktree. If it’s not the content they wanted, they’re still your captive audience and can explore other links! You can also have multiple Video Links on your Linktree.

Read more about Video Links here.

Linktree features

Have YouTube vids play seamlessly on your Linktree.

5. Integrate a newsletter sign-up

Rather than linking to your signup form on Linktree, you can now host an on-page signup thanks to a couple of smart integrations. Hook your Linktree up to your Mailchimp account or connect to a Google Sheets doc. When your visitor clicks on your newsletter signup, the link will turn into a text box where they type their email and hit submit.

The beauty of this means you capture the newsletter signup without your visitor leaving your Linktree, so they can still discover more content.

Need some help integrating your newsletter? Here’s our How To guide.

6. Set custom SEO

PRO access means you can adjust your SEO title and description, so that your Linktree is more clickable in search results. This is a great space to write something concise – that explains what to find on your Linktree – and also appealing.

Read the How To guide for Linktree SEO.

key linktree features

7. Get familiar with your analytics

Once you’ve set up your PRO features, you can start digging into some traffic insights. With PRO, not only can you see Views & Link clicks over the last 7 days, or last 28 days, but you also can see the click-through-rate (CTR). You can view these insights as an overview of your whole Linktree profile, or by each individual link so you really know what’s working.

key linktree features

Monitoring CTR will help you understand how well your content, and the effort to promote it, is working. Try reshuffling your links, archiving under-performing older posts, or setting a Priority Link to improve CTR across your Linktree. Under the Analytics tab you can also view your Top Countries and Top Referrers to better understand who your audience is and what’s sending traffic to your Linktree!

Read more on Countries and Referrers here.

linktree analytics

With those simple changes, you’ve joined the world’s leading marketers in controlling your online content! We’d love to see your Linktree – come and share it with us on social media. You can find all of our places, on our Linktree.