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Best Practices

Grow Your Podcast with Linktree

If you have a podcast, you’re juggling the need to get reviews, connect your audience with your episodes and to balance out the other areas of your career. We’ve got just the thing to help you!

Like any media outlet, podcasts have a pretty broad range of actions they’d like their followers to take. Most obviously, they need to link their audiences to their latest podcast. But there’s so much more – you want to link to things you discuss on air, to guests you interview or to press you get.

You also want to grow your audiences – the more loyal they are, the more likely they are to review the show – so you want them to sign up to a newsletter, or follow you across your socials. You might need to promote your sponsors (who keep the show alive!). Or maybe you aren’t going the sponsorship route, but you want to connect your audience to your Patreon, in case they want to donate some $s.

Get a bio link tool!

The best way to keep everyone happy, to get some money coming in and to grow your audience is with a bio link tool, like Linktree. It gives your audiences the option to chose which content they interact with, and makes sure you aren’t losing people through a stagnant or unrelevant link in your bio.

Top podcasts use Linktree, like Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, Chelsea Handler’s Life Will Be The Death of Me (23rd most popular podcast on the planet) and Krista Tippett’s On Being.

We took a look a some of the podcasts and podcasters are using their Linktrees.


Of course there’s a podcast dedicated to all things Disney! And it’s using Linktree to point to episodes on four different platforms.

The Imagineer team aren’t just podcasting – they’re also raising money for charities and have their own run team, both of which are linked from their Linktree. All of this takes some organizing, and it helps that the Imagineers have a Patreon link so that super-fans can support their production costs.

A really well-rounded Linktree growing the Imagineer reach!

This Is Love

This podcast about love is in the Top 50 on the Podcasts Charts right now. From the brains behind the stellar Criminal podcast, each episode of This Is Love takes an anthropological look at matters of the heart.

On their Linktree these guys link to press coverage, their latest episode, the merch store and ticket sale for their live shows.

The color scheme is great, but we’d love to see them trim down on the length of the copy in some of the links. Check this out for link-writing tips.

Chat 10 Looks 3

This podcast is a hoot, especially if you like books, politics, cake or Australia. Presented by Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales who are TV-legends in Aus (where Linktree is from!), not only is this ‘cast soothing on the ear-holes, it scooped TWO prizes at the recent Australian Podcast Awards!

Chat 10 fans (‘chatters’) are a loyal crew, so the podcast uses Linktree to direct them to live show tickets, their book store, mailing list and Facebook fan page. Just five links keeps things focused!

Get familiar with PRO features

One of the neat things about Linktree is you can schedule links, so that you can line up your next episode for its release, even if prime time isn’t in your timezone.

If you’ve got a podcast, why not try out these features on your Linktree:

  • Priority Link – make sure your latest link pops with animation to grab eyeballs.
  • Newsletter integration – your followers can sign up from your Linktree, without having to navigate away.
  • If you’re earning commission off products you mention, link to those bad boys!
  • Patreon – let your listeners buy you a coffee for your troubles!
  • Social icons – don’t waste link space for your different social platforms – use the social icons at the bottom of your Linktree instead!

Any questions on how to use Linktree? Slide into our DMs on Instagram, or send us a message when logged into your Linktree.