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Introducing Bio Descriptions, Buttons, & Animated Backgrounds

We’ve introduced more customization features for your Linktree which means more ways to make your profile pop.

Linktree's new customization features

Add a bio description to your Linktree

Let your audience know who you are and what you’re about with a short bio description. Be creative and inject your personality so your audience can get to know you a little better. 

Ever heard the term ‘the slashie’? Slashie is someone that has multiple talents or ways that they make money. So if you’re one of these people, list your all slashes!

The best part? Both free and PRO users can add a bio description.

Linktree customization for your bio

Try an animated background 

If you’re a PRO user, we’ve added two new background animations that will make your Linktree stand out from the crowd. 

Linktree Customization Animated Backgrounds
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New button styles to choose from

Ready to shake up the design of your buttons? We’ve added two more styles for you to choose from to make your buttons pop!

Linktree Customization Button Styles
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More customization, means more ways that you can make your Linktree profile your own. If you want to see best practice customization tips and examples follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.