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Sweet Release: How Chance the Rapper & Pokémon Launch New Stuff

Daily we’re impressed by the cool, innovative things Linktree users do. But every so often something comes along that blows our minds it’s so digitally smart. Here are a couple of users who did exactly that last month.

pokemon marketing

Chance the Rapper’s album drop with Lyft

Dubbed by the New York Times as hip-hop’s most joyful rapper, Chance put a bounce in our step on the last weekend in July when he teamed up with Lyft to surprise drop his new album to riders and drivers via a Linktree.

Everyone that got into a Lyft on album release weekend received a link to Chance’s Linktree, where they were able to choose which of five platforms they wanted to stream the album from.

pokemon marketing

It’s a really slick way of using Linktree, because it fixes a problem the music industry currently has – no one music streaming platform is dominant, instead users want to choose which platform works best for them. Chance was able to send his fans to Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Soundcloud and Pandora, democratizing the way they discovered his music.

And the marketing genius worked! The Big Day, is Chance’s highest charting and third Top 10 album, and debuted with 108,000 units. Of those units, about 74% were in streams – thanks to the Lyft collaboration, Chance’s album the most-streamed album of the week! Go listen for yourself!

Thanks to the collab, 74% of album units were streams - making Chance's album the most-streamed of the week.

Pokémon Masters opens pre-registration for new game

We spotted this one via its insanely high Linktree traffic! Pokémon Masters is launching a new mobile game on August 29th, and has opened pre-registration via Linktree.

Pokémon Masters is a strategy and battle game where teams of ‘sync pairs’ (which are the Pokémon and its associated Trainer) play 3-on-3 real-time games against AI components. This latest release has an entirely new setting, the island of Pasio.

With Pokémon Masters’ Linktree, their audience can select which platform they want to pre-register for the game with (Apple or Google), as well as watch the game trailer or learn how to play. Then, on the 29th August, the new game will automatically download to the player’s phone. If you remember the Pokémon Go madness a few years back, you know these guys are pros at creating serious hype!

Pokémon Masters has 5 million pre-registrations, with two weeks to go before game release.

With two weeks still to go before launch, and 5 million pre-registrations already clocked, the Pokémon marketing team must be pretty chuffed with their latest strategy! We’ll be watching to see how it fares on release day.

The Linktree team loves to see this stuff – we created a simple tool to fix a very new internet problem, and we’re really thrilled when our community uses the thing we made in very smart ways.

How do you use yours? Let us know how you’re using your Linktree and we could profile your smarts too! Find us here.