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4 Effective Movember Social Media Marketing Campaigns

With social media being at the core of the men’s health awareness campaign, here are some ideas to get you started.

It’s Movember all month long, and we’re continuing to support the campaign that has been raising money for men’s health issues since 2003. Just last year, Movember raised $16.2 million in the United States, and it has taken over social media with over 6 million Mo Bros and Sisters worldwide. Celebrities like actor Ashley Walters, adventurer Bear Grylls, and companies like Lamborghini, Gatwick Airport, and L’Oréal have all gotten in on the action on social.

If you’re considering a Movember campaign for your organization, there are several tried and true approaches that can help you make an impact. Here’s how companies leverage these methods on social media and other marketing mediums.

Do Something Progressive

In 2019, razor company Billie reminded us all that women have moustaches too! The progressive campaign featured women rocking their real moustaches for Movember. Billie encouraged other women to add their mo’ to the fundraising campaign on Instagram, and matched every dollar participants raised for Movember up to $50,000.

Billie’s take on Movember is refreshing given its focus on body positivity. It found a way to uplift women and include them in a historically male effort, while also shining a light on inclusivity and acceptance for women’s body hair. Other organizations could adopt a progressive and inclusive approach that focuses on a unique aspect of Movember to increase engagement across social media platforms. Linktree can also be used to collect donations directly on social media with the Commerce Links Integration, specifically the Support Me link type. This feature acts as a type of ‘tip jar,’ where visitors can choose their own donation amount and how to pay (both PayPal and Square are options).

Provide a Valuable Incentive

In 2016, New York City-based men’s salon Barba caused a stir with its “Pay With Your Balls” Movember campaign. Shared on Instagram and Facebook, the award-winning campaign offered patrons free salon services if they registered for a testicular cancer screening appointment in-store.

The campaign also featured ads with different statistics regarding men’s health. One Instagram post noted that a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour, while another stated that testicular cancer is most common between the ages of 15 to 34.

This campaign pushed boundaries with its raunchier take on men’s health. It was wildly successful, resulting in customers booking 100% of their testicular cancer screening appointments. The barber even added more appointments to meet the overwhelming demand. The hashtag #PayWithYourBalls resulted in Barba achieving 9 million impressions on Instagram and Facebook during November that year.

Offering free products or services as an incentive is a great way to engage with new customers while also raising awareness. Leveraging cancer screening as the trade-off helps encourage men to take their health seriously. There are 9,470 newly diagnosed cases of testicular cancer each year. Help to motivate men who wouldn’t otherwise get screened can help improve outcomes. You could even use Linktree’s Request Links to automate your booking to let customers reserve their screening and incentives at the same time, straight from your Linktree profile.

Host a Contest

In 2019, database and cloud management company Oracle held a contest to encourage consumers to post photos of their mustaches across social media using the hashtag #OracleMoContest. In addition to posting pictures, contestants also had to tag three of their friends, further increasing engagement and interactions.

Oracle’s campaign resulted in over 550 posts across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Those who couldn’t or didn’t want to grow mustaches used photo booth mustache props. This added a level of fun and creativity to the campaign. It was able to generate over 20 million impressions across various social media platforms. People who participated in the campaign received entries into a draw for four available Apple AirPod Pros.

Contests such as these are effective as people love to win prizes, while also supporting a cause. Other companies and nonprofit organizations could facilitate a similar initiative for Movember. Linktree’s email sign up links feature that uses MailChimp and Google Sheets could be used to create a sign up list for participants.

Use Humor

Launched in 2019, U.K. snack foods producer KP Snacks’ annual “Check Your Nuts” Movember campaign has been going strong for three years. Spending 1.152 million USD in its first year on campaign, the #checkyournuts hashtag has since generated over 2,500 posts on Instagram. This year, the company partnered up with drag queen The Vivienne for its cheeky campaign, encouraging men to get testicular cancer screenings through the catchy and humorous phrase. Humor is a proven strategy for advertising that consumers enjoy. In fact, over 53% of consumers remember ads that are funny, according to B2B ratings platform Clutch.

KP Snacks’ marketing assets include directions to help men learn how to perform testicular exams on themselves. According to 2020 data, the company has reached over 187 million people to spread the word about testicular cancer and screening methods.

Launching a Movember campaign is a great way for your business to increase engagement and support an important cause. Before you develop your Movember marketing plan, you should determine your goal. If you want to increase engagement or encourage consumers to purchase your product, your approach will be different than an organization that simply wants to raise awareness.

Consumers are more likely to remember campaigns that employ humor. Contests and other incentives encourage people to engage with your company outside of social media. Both of these strategies may increase your website traffic and translate into sales.

Linktree can help you do your part to raise awareness for men’s health issues. From contest registration with , email subscriptions, and access to resources for your fans and consumers.

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